Live Audio Streaming Services

Mindsmiratus Pvt. Ltd. presents customized Live Audio Streaming Service in Delhi, India and other most recent multimedia technologies with the assurance of services worth the prices charged and quality catered. Now you can broadcast the desired audio direct to the customers in no time under the supervision, guidance and efforts of our core team, highly practised in streaming of all kinds.

What is streaming video?
Streaming audio is quite similar to streaming video and is a part of streaming media. It precisely comprises of transmission of audio data directly and continuously on network. In more simplified words, audio streaming is hearing radio or audio recording on internet. Quite similar to streaming video, here also web user needs not to have to download the audio first to hear or play it. In audio streaming, media is sent directly on server and can be played as soon as it arrives on internet. For audio streaming, you should have a player to compress and send audio data ultimately to computer

Our inputs and assurances:

  • We put forward Live Audio streaming on App, Website.
  • We bring you array of customized broadcast formats and programme.
  • We guarantee timely accomplishment of task of audio streaming.
  • We in order to cater finest product, use best and newest technology to proffer best experience to web users.
  • We bring you Live Blogging and Live Streaming rounds services for all.
  • Be the first one to witness the audio or other content by availing our services, offered with an assurance of live streaming and best services from the situate of event.
  • Enjoy customized and personalized transmission programmes and formats, musical archive and audio for web conferencing and web presentation.

You need a normal or usual web server for streaming a data. You can also benefit from special streaming server for the purpose. All a listener needs a device having capability of streaming that can reconnect the data packers and flourish the offer station selection, start and stop streaming as per need and desire. A streaming audio listener requires network, the streaming audio listener should have either of the two, a streaming provider in local network or internet for the span of listening.

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