Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

PPC stands for pay per click, an internet marketing or advertising tool where advertisers are bound to pay a reasonable charge whenever their ads are clicked. In other words, it is like purchasing visits to your site, rather than earn them. It is most popular marketing strategy these days but negligence in its execution may blow your resources.

An Insight into significance of PPC: Pay per click advertising has the potential to bag traffic to your site in no time. The theory behind PPC is actually very simple, and entails incurring of expenses to procure top position or ranking of your site on search engines. It isn’t as simple as it seems and for successful outcome assistance of experts is must. Mindmiratus Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a unit of highly experienced and proficient team in Kalkaji, New Delhi, India offers PPC services at cost effective prices.


PPC Audits
Our PPC Audit procedure commences from identifying the purpose of audit and its reporting that aids into data analysis.
Social Advertising
Paid social campaigns supported by us can impress your target audience to the stage of desired action.
Google AdWords
We present in- house Adwords expert assistance within our services and without charging separately for it.
Bing Advertising
our creative and gifted in-house Bing ads agency squad can guide you to the Bing’s popular PPC platform.
Display Advertising
We ensure exemplary advertising on apps, websites or social media through banners or other ads style made with the use of flash, audio, text, images, flash and video. Our main motive behind display advertising is established general advertisements and brand awareness to visitors of site.
Perk up ROI and high conversions by marketing to the folks who have all ready visited your website.

Why to go with us?

If you're looking for PPC services, we are the ideal choice and below are some of the reasons for availing our PPC Management services:

  • We highlight to offer customized elucidation to all clients depending upon nature of business and its objective.
  • The force behind our achievement is fanatical PPC team of professionals who are categorically the best.
  • We possess skilful In House Team and handle all projects on our own without outsourcing.
  • Active bid management implementation confirms low cost per click and cost per conversion.
  • We underline advertisement and other services within the constraints of budget of our clientele.
  • We create designs that positively will get traffic within the budget constraints.
  • Our efforts confirm increase in figures of leads and conversion rates.
  • We maintain total account transparency with our clientele.
  • We aim to cater unique advertisement as quick as possible.
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