Telemarketing Services

Video Streaming Services in Delhi,india
Video Streaming

Gone are the days when to view a video, we had to wait for seriously annoying downloading span to view a file. With advancement of technology in every sphere, users are made to save their time through video streaming... Read more

Audio Streaming Services in Delhi,india
Audio Streaming

Mindsmiratus Pvt. Ltd. presents customized Live Audio Streaming Service and other most recent multimedia technologies with the assurance of services worth the prices charged and quality catered... Read more

Reliable Voice Call Services in Delhi
Voice Call

An automated and fast IVR solution for making calls to customers retrieved from existing CRM database. With our outbound service you can call thousands of number simultaneously. Using this facility the sender...Read more

Bulk SMS Services Provider in Delhi
Bulk SMS

All a company needs to gain leads is an idyllic marketing strategy; Bulk SMS is one of the popular and effective marketing strategies that have turned the fortunes of companies in recent times... Read more

Interactive Voice Response(IVR) Services in Delhi
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Mindsmiratus Pvt. Ltd. presents set of APIs, equipped with latest technology facilitating easy integration with the aid of various third party applications for developing brilliant and bespoke IVR systems... Read more

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