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Voice Call Services

Mindsmiratus Technologies presents you voice call services ons and Dynamics

  • Out bound Call Solution
  • Inbound Call Solutions
  • Text to Speech & Speech to text Recognition
  • Event & Promotions
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Tele-voting

Out Bound Calls
An automated and fast system for making calls to customers retrieved from existing CRM database. With our outbound service, you can call thousands of number simultaneously. Using this facility the sender can reach the targeted audience in a smart and efficient way

Advantages of Voice Broadcast

  • Can Make simultaneous calls with desired prompts at one go.
  • Automated Voice Call Solution.
  • Records & reports customer response (DTMF).
  • High availability and scalability.
  • Greater Reach – Mobile & Landline user base.
  • Multi language Promotions.
  • Automated – Record once and automated relay of the voice recording to a predefined database.
  • Increase in response rate.
  • Recipient has freedom of response.
  • Clarity of communication.

Benefits of Mindsmiratus Technologies Platform

  • Strong Backbone Infrastructure.
  • Supports Out Bound and Inbound calls.
  • All Voice Calling Solutions.
  • Can Take 6000+ simultaneous calls instantly.
  • Call to All India Land line or Mobile @ Flat Rates.
  • Get instant customer response (DTMF - User pressing telephone key).
  • Call forwarding option (for e.g. Please Press 9 to talk to our customer care executive now).
  • Pay only for Answered calls .
  • No setup charges No monthly fees.
  • No Hardware or software to buy.
  • Easy Online Management and control with real time reporting.
  • Easy Recording Options – Record and broadcast your own voice easily through our dial-in Record centre. Also, upload sound files recorded via computer to our message centre.
  • Auto Redial (three attempts to ensure calling to unanswered calls – optional).
  • Text to Voice Converter.
  • Multiple Bulk Dynamic Calls (E.g Payment reminder calls by dynamically reading the outstanding amounts and due dates).
  • Online NDNC Management.

Inbound Call Service

We are based in Kalkaji, New Delhi, India offers An automated and fast answer for making calls to customers retrieved from existing CRM database. With our outbound service, you could call hundreds of wide variety simultaneously. Using this facility the sender can attain the targeted market in a clever and efficient way. In addition, We are also offering Bulk SMS Service at highly reasonable rates


  • Less overhead for CSE as call handling is automated.
  • Rich user experience.
  • Less telephonic infrastructure.
  • Reduction in operational cost.

Voice conferencing
Voice Conferencing is one of the innovative solutions. This product offers world-class comprehensive solution for Audio Conference Calls from anywhere across the globe.

A conference call is a telephone call in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called party to listen in to the audio portion of the call. The conference calls may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call.


  • Announces who is joining/leaving the conference.
  • User can exit conference by specific event.
  • Mute management.
  • Online web application.
  • Cost effective.
  • When there is only one user in the conference, music on hold will be played.

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